1. ADD MAGIC Marathon: Sketchbook Edition starts June 1, 2022, and ends June 22, 2022;
  2. Access to the materials of the marathon opens on the day the marathon starts at 00:00 Kyiv time;
  3. Assignments are published every 2 days at 00:00 Kyiv time;
  4. Access to the materials of the marathon is closed on August 1, 2022;
  5. It is strictly forbidden to publish the essence of the task in the text of an Instagram post in the format: "Day 1: character building", as well as disclosure of topics, description, copying text from tasks, sharing video/references;
  6. It is strictly forbidden to publish in the text of the post on Instagram parts of the texts from the site that reveal the essence of the task, as well as sharing videos and references.
  7. You are allowed to share the result of the completed task and describe your emotions and the concept of your particular illustration.
  8. Transferring access to the learning platform is prohibited;
  9. All materials and information created by Alexandra Dikaia ® are protected by copyright. These materials are provided to participants for informational and educational purposes;
  10. All materials taken from Pinterest and Youtube resources are presented to course participants for informational and educational purposes;
  11. It is strictly forbidden to publish, distribute and transfer marathon materials to third parties;
    Sending a link to third-party resources, training materials, or advertising in the general chat is prohibited;
  12. Sending a link to third-party resources, training materials, or advertising in the general chat is prohibited;
For non-compliance with paragraphs 1-12 of the General Regulations, punishment and sanctions are provided for the violating party. Minimum measures: blocking the participant in the marathon, followed by the blacklisting of buyers. Maximum measure: transfer of the case of gross violations of copyright to the court.
The administration of the marathon undertakes:

  • provide timely access to learning platforms;
  • notify the Participant about the events of the marathon by posting news in the news block on the profile page and through the Telegram channel;
  • submit marathon assignments on time;
  • provide and help solve technical problems for Course Participants;

The administration has the right:

  • issue a warning to the Participant if the Participant violates the established rules of interaction;
  • restrict the Participant's access to educational materials if the Participant cannot comply with the established rules of interaction;

The marathon participant has the right to:

  • get access to the closed platform in a timely manner;
  • publish their work made as part of the marathon using the marathon hashtag;
  • contact the group curator for help in case of technical or organizational problems;
  • publish impressions, emotions, and personal reviews about the marathon;
  • ask a question in the general telegram channel of the group regarding the marathon;

    The participant of the marathon undertakes:
    • timely check the provided access to training materials; use the received training materials only for personal use; do not publish photo/video/audio/text content received at the marathon on social networks;
    • indicate the author (Executor) of the course when publishing personal impressions of the marathon; use hashtag #alexandradikaia_SE11
    • when publishing personal impressions about the course, do not use the #alexandradikaia_SE11 hashtag for publications that are not related to the subject of the course; not to transfer links, access to the platform, passwords, received graphic/audio/video/text information to third parties or third parties;
    • observe and comply with all the rules, terms, and conditions published on the website at the URL address:

    Marathon participants are not recommended (warning):

    • publish comments that are not related to the marathon and the general direction of the discussion unfolding in it on all communication platforms;
    • make comments on the literacy of the published text to other marathon participants;
    • show aggression and intolerance to someone else's point of view;
    • type whole words and especially sentences in capital letters, as well as put many punctuation marks;
    • take part in the so-called flames (spontaneously occurring heated discussions when participants forget about the original topic, get personal, and cannot stop);

    Marathon participants are prohibited (limitation of access to training):

    • post illegal materials on the site. In particular, incite ethnic or religious hatred, and ethnic conflicts; discuss political topics and subtext, discuss war, hostilities and distribute materials related to this topic; call for suicide, promote drugs; publish commercial content (messages promoting goods and services); publish news reports, distract participants from the topics of lessons and webinars; obscene statements, rudeness, general calls for distrust or insulting the Contractor, insulting other participants in the training program, spam is prohibited. This does not apply to texts in which you freely share your own experience;
    • post personal information of other people on the site;
    • include in messages materials that violate someone's copyrights.
    • get personal in a dispute;
    • use rude, obscene, offensive statements in relation to course participants and other persons