Hello, my darlings!

We have finished writing our fairy tale. I'm proud of all of you! We all faced difficulties, but I believe you all have overcome them

Route of the day:
Brush up your text
Cover page
Look at examples of simple covers and draw your own
Analyzing your style
Today is a brush-up day. We brush up our text and edit and streamline it. We smooth rough edges and eliminate inconsistencies and lapses of logic. But do not start rewriting your fairy tale from the scratch! Let it be the way it was born to be: alive, imperfect, but truly yours — filled with your emotions and energy.

You can fix certain things but set aside your perfectionism.

Complete what you've started.

Come up with a name for your fairy tale.

Draw a small cover page if you can. It's just a small element that is important for your tale. It may not even be a full-fledged cover, but a title page (examples below) - a page on which information about the book is indicated: author, book title, publisher name, year of publication. They inspire me even more than the cover. There is a special magic in these title pages.

Write your name – the name of the author of this beautiful fairy tale.

See examples below.

Source: pinterest.com Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
And now it's time for reflection.

Gather all your sketches.

Answer these questions (you can do it silently, but it'd be better to do it out loud):

  • What do your works have in common?

  • What elements do you draw unconsciously? Which do ones you keep adding to your sketches?

  • Did you use different techniques and materials throughout the marathon, or did you draw everything using the same tools and techniques?

  • Which ones were the easiest to use for you?

  • When did you feel progress and pleasure without experiencing art blocks?

  • When you looked at the references, what color schemes did you pay attention to? Did you like contrasting colors or vice versa - pastel shades? Warm, cold, bright, acidic, organic?

  • What topic did you like the most? Was it, for example, a difficult topic when you drew a sweeping composition?

Write the keywords that came to your mind right in your sketchbook. If I were talking about my style, I would write out: warm, autumn, runes, ethnic, organic, nature, branches, pumpkins, raccoons.

Keep this sheet. The next time you start an illustration on a free topic, look at your notes and try to draw something based on your keywords alone. These are the keywords for your style.

Thank you for being with me, my friends!
Every one of you is a hero.
You made it, you did not give up and did your best.
I'm proud of you.
See you next time!

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I wish you inspiration!

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