Hello, my darlings!

Today we will meet the main character of our story. This main character could be you. You can write about yourself and your experiences if you want to live through this period of life "on paper" and leave it behind after expressing it in images and words.

Also, you can write about a fictional character, who is nothing like you. This will help you put your worries aside and immerse yourself in another world.

Do as you feel.

Route of the day:
Meditation "Search for a Character"
Turn on meditation and meet your Character
Character Card "Fairy Tale"
Answer the questions and create a thesis map of the Character
Sketch Character Search
Based on the Character card, make light sketches of your Character.
Give them a name.
Put on your headphones and turn on meditation and just imagine everything I'm talking about. Your Character is waiting for you.
Today we will describe the personality and appearance of your Character in short bullet points. You can do it in a document, you can do it on paper. By answering a few questions, you can create a simple scheme - a character map. It is the method of finding new characters for illustrations and fairy tales that works for me most of the time.

To do this, let's answer the following questions:

  • Is the Character a person, an animal, a living object, a magical creature, or an abstract concept?
  • Is the Character feminine or masculine?
  • Do I associate the Character with myself or not?
  • Does the Character share their traits with me or it's the opposite?
  • The two main states of the Character at the beginning of the tale. For example, for me, they are: inner pain, and not feeling myself real.
  • Two main states of the Character at the end of the tale. How does the initial state change? For example, for me they are: learning to live a life when you're in pain, feeling real again.
  • What is the Character wearing at the beginning of the story? Clothing can be yours and symbolic if you associate the character with yourself. Or it may be completely different. Just describe the keywords, for example, a dress, a sweater, and boots.
  • Do clothes change at the end of the story? What are they?
  • Does your Character have some sort of trademark in their appearance? It can be memorable clothes, jewelry, hairstyle, or glasses. If your Character is neither an animal nor a human - they are already notable themselves – no need to overload them with more trademarks :)
  • Give your Character a name.

See what my card and sister's card look like (when she completed the marathon tasks), these are just keywords that we will rely on when creating a character.
  • Make a sketch of your Character based on the key words.
  • The result of the first assignment will be a search for a character via sketches - 3-4 appearance options on one sheet of paper. You can do more, but do not drive yourself crazy about it - draw as much as you can, but at least 3 options.
  • Add your notes and thoughts that come to your mind next to them to bring your sketches to life.
  • Give them a name.
Below there are some examples of simple characters for your inspiration. Keep your Character simple with only one distinctive detail. You will "live" with this Character for a whole month - they should be easy to draw.

Images source: Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
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