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I can already see your characters in our chats and it's so inspiring! Thank you for the atmosphere we are creating together!
Route of the day:
Task "Fairy Tale"
Complete the task of writing a fairy tale
Task "Illustrations"
Draw an illustration for Stasis
So, we have created the main Character, now it's time to create the story.

The beginning of a story - stasis – is the starting point. In stasis, we describe the calm state of the Character. The easiest way to do this is by showing their typical day. Stasis is needed for some contrast later in the story; the events will unfold on its basis.

Stasis examples:

    • Wendy is in her bedroom telling Peter Pan stories to her younger brothers.
    • Harry Potter wakes up in his cupboard under the stairs.
    • Alice is weaving a wreath on a tree and is bored while her sister is reading a book without pictures.
    • Cinderella starts her usual day by cleaning.
Describe in writing:

    • In what setting does the Character find themselves at the beginning of the story?
    • What objects are around them? What significance do they have for the Character?
    • In what mood is the Character at the beginning of the story? What does he or she feel? What is the Character thinking, and dreaming about?
    • Who surrounds the Character? The Character can also be alone.
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Let's draw an ordinary day of the Character.

Rely on your text: in what setting the Character is, what objects surround them, in what mood the Character is, and who is nearby.

You can draw their favorite cafe, house, room, breakfast in the garden, office, a walk in the woods, sports routine, morning rituals, and so on.

Do not draw a full-fledged interior! It should be a sketch, you can draw an interior detail: a stack of books on a table, a cup, a window. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about your Character's environment.

When I introduced my raccoons to readers, I drew every raccoon in their own room, which is a good way to show the character's personality through the setting.

For inspiration, I've attached illustrations of the character's setting. But remember, this should not be a complete book illustration, just a light sketch based on your thoughts and ideas.

Image source: Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
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