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Today our Character will get a magic item.

We must remember that while the Character is in stasis, they go through their routine. You can continue the story of this day when a magical item appears, or you can revive the memories of the Hero.
Route of the day:
Task "Fairy Tale"
Complete the task of writing a fairy tale
Task "Illustrations"
Complete the task to create an illustration
  • Analyze the traits of your Character, what features are close to them?

  • What magical item would suit your Character best? For example, if your Character is an artist, maybe a magic pencil or a notebook will do? Or if your Character is just a little girl, perhaps an unusual toy found in grandma's chest will do? Or if the Character is an office worker, maybe they will get a strange device? Or if the Character is a cat, its magic item will be an unusual plant or insect?

  • What are the properties of this item? (Note: The character does not know about them yet, but you, as the author, can already think about the properties.)

  • How did the item fall into the Character's hands? Did the Character find it or receive it as a gift?

  • Describe the Character's emotions and feelings towards the item, not knowing about its properties: indifference, nostalgia, interest, anxiety, inspiration, and so on.
Today we are drawing only the magical item.

There is no need to draw the Character holding it, the setting or any complex composition, just the object with all its details. You have already decided what kind of object it is, now work on the key symbols of your style, what is close to you?

For example, if this is a book, what is it like?

Is it soft, vintage with yellow pages and botanical illustrations?

Or it might be a mysterious black leather-bound book with a crystal and the embossing running across the cover.

Or maybe it's a brand new book from your favorite bookstore on the corner?

Analyze what is close to your style and add this atmosphere to the chosen item

It is the conscious analysis that forms your style. If you find it difficult to understand what is yours, look at the pictures below and feel what makes you get goosebumps. What subject inspires you the most? Keep track of moments of inspiration - these are the signs that you are on the right track.

Below you can see examples of magical items for inspiration.

Image source: Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
Turn on magical music while you draw to immerse yourself in the world of magic.
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I wish you inspiration!

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