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Today, we are adding a call to our story - an external force that makes our Character leave the familiar setting and embark on an adventure.
An important point: for many people, the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about the external force is war. It is okay, same with me, and wrote my first fairy tale about inner experiences.


You can now choose HOW you want to live through this Sketchbook. At the end of the story, there will be a victory and a happy ending, for sure. If you feel like writing about the war now to win at the end of your story, do it. It helped me personally. But I made a mistake at first - I made my Character too much like myself. It is better to separate yourself from the Character, then it is easier to go through this pain.

But if you want to go to another magic world and you realize that you have already started writing the story in a different mood, then you can make something completely light as an external force. For example, a bird that you want to run after into the forest, or a breath of wind. Or maybe it's a letter or a treasure map. The Call can be quite small and the Сharacter simply moves from the house to the garden or to another room. The main thing: something makes him act.
Route of the day:
Task "Fairy Tale"
Complete the task of writing a fairy tale
Task "Illustrations"
Turn on the music, close your eyes and imagine the plot
Turn the music back on and complete the illustration challenge
  • What external force or call appears in your story?
  • How does it appear?
  • How does the character react to it? Remember their state, which we wrote on the character card in the first task.
  • After the call or external force appears, the Character has a goal that takes the Character out of the familiar setting - what is this goal?
Examples of the call or external force in stories:

    • Peter Pan flies into Wendy's bedroom and invites her to Neverland.
    • Hagrid appears in Harry Potter's life and tells him he is a wizard.
    • Alice spots the White Rabbit and chases it.
    • An invitation to the ball arrives at Cinderella's house.
  • Turn on the music in the video below.

  • Close your eyes and just let go of your thoughts.

  • Imagine the story you have written.

  • What is happening there? How does force emerge? Live it thought, listening to the music like you are watching a cartoon.

  • Try to capture scenes and images, just get the vibe in general. Let yourself cry, if necessary, let the tears clear your mind, and let go of all the things that hinder you.

  • Now grab your tools and just draw. It can be lines, spots, dots, clear or abstract images, you can choose a color, or you can draw everything just in pencil or even pen.

  • Unleash your emotions, draw what you feel, and concentrate only on your hand and paper. This is your story, only yours, it is a part of you, it makes you strong, it highlights your inner light. Just let go of your hand and fix these thoughts and emotions on paper.

  • Look from the outside, now these emotions are NOT INSIDE you, they have come out, and inside there is room for something new, bright, and beautiful. Everything will be fine.

Draw an abstract picture, and then draw a Character into it with a small dot. How does he respond to the call? If your story is fun and light, like a cat running after a butterfly, use light lines, and minimalism if you like, and add color.

If in the text we described a specific action and gave the name for the "Call", then in the illustration we do not draw "Peter Pan who came to Wendy", but draw the internal experiences of the Character.

Do not think for a long time, just listen to music, take a pencil and draw lines, dots, and spots.

Here are some examples of emotional illustrations to make your inner critic shut up. It is not necessary to draw in the same way, they are here only for inspiration. Draw how you feel, don't be afraid to mess up the spread. There is a lot of power in these lines. It is your strength.

Image source: Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
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