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Today our Character sets off.

We have already described: the stasis, the magical item (detail), the call (the goal has appeared). Now the Character is on the way to their goal, to which they were driven by a call or an external force. The Character carries some luggage with them. The baggage can be a metaphor, such as a bag of knowledge or thoughts. Or literally - a backpack with items, the choice is yours.
Route of the day:
Task "Fairy Tale"
Complete the task of writing a fairy tale
Task "Illustrations"
Complete the task to create an illustration

  • Where is the Character going?

  • What is their path?

  • What does the Character feel along the way?

  • What luggage did they take? What are these objects?

  • How did the magical item get into the Character's luggage: did they take it consciously, by accident, or did someone else plant it?

  • How does the Character carry the luggage?

  • Describe the packing and the Character's journey. In this piece of writing, it is still in progress, do not describe the destination yet.
  • If you have chosen to draw some metaphorical baggage - draw the character on the way. It can be an image of a road, a path in the forest, a train, a bicycle, a boat, and so on.

  • If you have chosen to draw it literally - draw a backpack, a bag, a suitcase, or a set of items. As you feel. Don't forget the magic item from Day 3 :)
Examples for inspiration are below.
And examples of luggage
Image source: Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
Music for the mood to draw
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