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Our Character willingly followed the call (or was driven by some external force) and came to some new setting (or returned where they have been before?) Anyway, the Character was pulled out of their ordinary life. And now a challenge awaits. To accept it, they will need to show their traits and return to the state that we described on Day 1 of the marathon. Now you can adjust the plot if you feel a surge of inspiration.

Route of the day:
Task "Fairy Tale"
Complete the task of writing a fairy tale
Task "Illustrations"
Complete the task to create an illustration
  • Describe what challenges the Character faces at this stage.

  • How does the Character react to it?

  • What does the Character feel and do? What decision do they make?

  • At this point, the Character does not rise to the challenge, but only faces it. But you can think about some ways to take on this challenge, just don't describe them yet.
Draw the challenge the Character is facing.

  • You can draw a specific scene. For example, the Character is standing over a cliff, not knowing how to get to the other side. Or the Character is standing in front of a wall, not knowing how to get through or climb it. Perhaps it will be an impenetrable forest?..
  • Or you can draw only a fragment, giving a hint of this challenge. For example, the Character peeks out from the leaves, not being able to go further. Or they see black cats in front of him. Or they can't reach the moon.

I know it's a difficult assignment, but it was the one that stimulated my creativity when I did it. I started looking for solutions to this problem in this chapter and illustrations for it.

  • The difficulty of choice is also a challenge. The character may be at crossroads. Or we can figuratively show the number of possible solutions in their head.
Below there are examples for inspiration.
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