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Our Character has faced a challenge after which they will definitely become stronger (wiser, faster, taller, prettier, as you decide). The Character's personality changes for the better when they mount this challenge. Yet, the Character is still in their original state, although it is altered.

And the magic item comes to the rescue!
Route of the day:

Task "Fairy Tale"
Complete the task of writing a fairy tale
Task "Illustrations"
Complete the task to create an illustration
  • At the critical moment, a magical object begins to unveil its secret properties!

  • Analyze the traits of the Character, how their initial state changes, and WHAT triggers the power of the magic item (internal decision of the Character, a specific action, a fluke, someone else reveals the inner strength of the Character, some conversation, and so on.)

  • How does the subject unveil its properties? What kind of magic is it? (Perhaps it points the right direction to someone who is lost, or it helps to decide, or it answers a question, or it turns into something else, comes to life ...)

  • As for the outcome of the Character's challenge, no spoilers yet. (But we know what will happen :))
  • You can draw a specific scene where the Character interacts with the magical item that unveils its magic properties.
  • You can draw only the item and its magic.

Below there are examples of illustrations in which the Character interacts with a magical item. Remember that magic is not always visible. Sometimes the closed eyes of the Character can tell us that magic is happening inside, sometimes a simple light spot in the chest area can also say more than a magic sword or amulet. Choose what is closer to you and remember that this is a SKETCH! There is no need to draw a complete illustration, I chose conceptual examples to suggest an idea, and not to set the level of illustration.

Source: Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
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