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Today we are writing the climax of our fairy tale. Our Character mounts the challenge! They cope with the task that they face. The character changes, grows, opens up and becomes stronger, wiser, freer, more harmonious (however you decide).

It's time to describe the Character's state, which we wrote about at the beginning of the fairy tale.

Route of the day:
Task "Fairy Tale"
Complete the task of writing a fairy tale
Task "Illustrations"
Complete the task to create an illustration
For inspiration
Watch the video for the game Gris
Analyze how the authors visually show victory and healing
  • Describe HOW the Character and the item take up the challenge.

  • What is the denouement of this story?

  • What happened to the magic item?

  • What happened to the challenge?

  • How does the character feel? How is the Character growing?

  • You can describe the changes in their appearance: clothes, posture, look, and additional elements that they gain after mounting the challenge. In your text, everything can be just bright and literal, or there can be an internal change invisible to the eye, which only you and the Character know about.
  • Draw your Character after the transformations. Live through these changes with them, feed of their strength and faith. Draw, let yourself go of thoughts, and do not think how logical this or that element of the look is.

  • How has your character changed? What will you add to them? Maybe just change the posture and sense of self? Maybe change the clothes or grow wings?

  • What place does the magic item now occupy in your illustration?

  • If you want, draw two Characters on the spread: the one they were at the beginning of the story and the one they became at the end.

Good visual examples:

  • Cinderella becomes the queen, saying goodbye to being a maid

  • Elsa finds inner freedom, growing out of "a good girl for everyone" role

  • The Beast returns to the form of a prince

  • The Little Mermaid becomes human. Another change: her father accepts her dreams

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Watch the video for the game Gris
Analyze how the authors visually show victory and healing
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