Congratulations on starting a new chapter in your life called Sketchbook Edition 11!
We will spend the next month together.

There will be 11 assignments for writing a fairy tale and drawing sketches for it: you'll have two days to do one task.

You can only draw. Or only write.
You can draw and write.
Please, listen to your heart, don't stress yourself out, and don't be a perfectionist.

Remember: done is better than perfect.

I strongly encourage you to be kind in general chats! After all, we are the atmosphere.
General tag for the marathon #alexandradikaia_SE11

New tasks will open every two days on this page.
Have a nice trip!
Before we start...
...the goal of the marathon is to create a complete sketch story. In other words, in the end, you will have a short, but deep and truly yours fairy tale with light sketches for it.

There is no need to make every illustration complete! You will be tired by the 3rd day and not complete the marathon. It's better to finish it on a sketch level, and then, maybe, your story will turn into a real book.
This was my very first sketch for my very first SE, and I was pretty tired. It took time - the presence of many colors and the desire to draw several full-fledged objects on one sheet. Better 1 such bird for 1 task.
Here the lightness was that I just drew with a black pen, without perfectionism, I could not erase, I could not color, I just drew. You can make mistakes here, it's better to cut out successful sketches and put them together in one sheet than to try to do it perfectly.

In your stories, you can live through your real life, or you can go to completely another world. You can write about real events, or you can use tasks to create some universe that has nothing to do with the real world. Do as you feel. Someone needs to live through what is happening now. Someone needs to relax. Listen to your inner voice. Assignments will be universal, you can adapt them to your feelings about yourself. You can write a deep story about the transformation of your character, or you can write just about the adventures of your cat. Feel what you want right now.

Also, my dear friends, I encourage you to be kind and supportive in the chats!

We are all going through a difficult period, everyone is in pain in their own way, but the goal of our marathon is to create a world where there is acceptance, support, and sincere kindness. And we can create this world only together.

Read the chat rules and let's

Click on the picture with the number to go to the task page.
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Please read the Sketchbook Edition marathon rules before posting your work on Instagram.
What is a "Kind Collection of fairy tales"?
"Kind Collection of fairy tales" is a collection of fairy tales written and illustrated by the participants of the 11th flow of Sketchbook Edition. Three collections in three languages in total will include 100 fairy tales, which we will divide into categories. Our team will make it beautifully, the proofreader will check spelling and grammatical errors. It will be a real e-book! The world will see your fairy tale, and for someone, the fairy tale will become a favorite.
What is the mission of the "Kind Collection of fairy tales"?
First of all, we want to give you the opportunity to share your wonderful fairy tales with the World, and to support you.

Secondly, the Kind Collection has a charitable mission. The collection will be posted on the official website and can be purchased for donations. Our team will donate all proceeds to support Ukraine and various charitable organizations. All reporting will appear on the site in an open form, indicating the amount received and the fund/individual to whom we transferred the funds.

Your creativity will help, together we will launch a cycle of kindness, mutual assistance, and support.

Why will there be 100 fairy tales in the "Kind Collection of fairy tales"?
We sincerely would like to publish the work of all participants, but our time and physical resources are limited. More than 1000 participants took part in the 11th flow of the marathon and we cannot publish all the works. BUT, in order to support you, we will publish another 100 works on our website, selecting participants from the applications. We really want to support you and show as many works as possible. The world needs your creativity!
How will the selection take place?
The selection will take place by reading and reviewing applications. We are ordinary people, and our view is subjective, so if your fairy tale does not get into the Collection, this is by no means a reason for frustration. Each story is unique and beautiful. If you wrote it, then the world needs it. We are very grateful for your trust!
When will the "Kind Collection of fairy tales" be ready?
Applications for participation are accepted until July 01, 2022. After, our team proceeds to the reading and selection. After selection, to proofreading and layout. We cannot promise you a specific time frame, as we largely depend on external circumstances. As soon as the selection is completed, we will announce this on Alexandra Dikaya's Instagram. All participants whose fairy tales will be included in the collection will receive a notification to the email address they left. Alexandra will report on her personal Instagram profile about the process of creating the Collection. As soon as the Collection is ready, we will announce it on Alexandra's personal Instagram profile, and on the website: