My dear friends, we encourage you to be kind and supportive in the chats!

We are all going through a difficult period, everyone is in pain in their own way, but the goal of our marathon is to create a world where there is acceptance, support, and sincere kindness. And we can create this world only together.
We ask you to treat our requests responsibly, as we sincerely want each participant to be comfortable.

In chats, you cannot:
  • discuss topics of a political nature and subtext
  • discuss war, hostilities and distribute materials related to this topic
  • publish news bulletins
  • incite national or religious hatred
  • stir up ethnic conflicts
  • encourage suicide, promote drugs
  • publish commercial content (messages promoting goods and services, links to other platforms or materials)
  • distract participants from the topics of tasks
  • obscene statements, rudeness, general calls for distrust, or insulting other participants or our team are prohibited
  • insulting other marathon participants
  • spam
For non-compliance with these rules, we will be forced to exclude the participant from the chat.

We kindly ask you:
  • find kind words of support for each other when you share your work - good reviews give strength and inspire
  • treat each other with respect and understanding, be tolerant
  • do not bring your own emotional pain and feelings into chats
  • be sympathetic if our answer to you takes some time, or if we do not answer you at night
  • carefully read the instructions for the tasks and the news on the channels
  • do not be upset if your work was not published on the news channel - the choice is random, there are a lot of participants
  • take the maximum from the marathon, do not put it off in a distant box :)

    Alexandra Dikaia's