Hello, my darlings!

Today is the first day of our marathon! In order to make it easier to get involved in the process and get inspired, I have prepared a warm-up for you. Do it and see how inspiring small victories are.
Only 20 minutes for texts and 11 for sketches to tune in to the right wave. And the first task of writing a fairy tale and sketches will be open to you tomorrow.

Have a nice trip!

Route of the day:
Warm up "Fairy tale"
Choose an illustration
Turn on music for 20 minutes
Run the warm-up task without stopping
Warm-up "Illustrations"
Read the task
Turn on the video and draw for 11 minutes non-stop
Check out my bonus video if you like
Look at the illustrations below. Look closely at each one and try to understand which one inspires you the most.

Create a new document on a PC or other device, or grab a notepad and pen, whichever is more convenient for you to write down your thoughts, and start writing. Don't edit or criticize yourself – just let your thoughts flow.

Look at the illustration you have chosen and describe everything you see in it. Don't write just words – write entire sentences in the past tense.
For example, instead of writing "a red cat that is sitting near the girl", write "a red cat came up and sat down at the girl's feet".
You can start your story with the phrase: "One morning…"

Write about everything you see in the picture and write all the thoughts that come to your mind. Where did these items in the picture come from? What do the characters in the picture feel? What are they doing and what are their plans?

Your goal is to write non-stop for at least 20 minutes. Turn on the music in the background and write until it stops. You are not writing a fairy tale yet, this is just a warm-up task, so let go of criticism and just write. When you run out of thoughts, look again at the picture - look for a new object and describe it.

Source: pinterest.com Images are used for informational and educational purposes.
Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, or take a tablet, whichever you prefer, for drawing. And prepare yourself to draw without perfectionism. You will have 1 minute per character. Relax, that's a lot!
Turn on the link with the video and just draw what you see on the screen.

It does not have to be an exact copy, just captures the mood of the characters on the screen.
1 minute per character. There will be 11 of them.
You will draw 11 easy characters in 11 minutes.

In the first video, you will see how I am doing it with you. You can watch it first, and then open the second one and draw yourself.
Important: do not post a warm-up task on social networks. You can share in chat to see how different everyone gets the same characters. But you can not spoil the task in the public domain.
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I've reached the end :)