Hello traveler!
Thank you for your trust in the marathon, we hope you enjoyed your trip!

If you've made it to this page, it means you want to share your story with the world❤️

In order for the collection to turn out to be of high quality, there are certain requirements for applications.

  • Applications are accepted until 00:00 (Kyiv time) on July 01, 2022.
  • An application can only be submitted once. Applications that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.
  • We have no age restrictions. If your children participate, send us your work, we want to make a section with stories written by children :)
    We kindly ask you to carefully read the requirements, and respect our work. Thank you!
    Application requirements:
    • The volume of the text of your fairy tale should not exceed the size of 5 A4 pages of an electronic document. Font Arial, size - 11. Please attach a text file in PDF format, not a link. Text only, no illustrations. Indents - 1.5 cm.
    • The text file must be signed in the following format: First name Last name_Fairy tale
    For example: Alexandra Dikaia_Fairy tale
    Please attach files with photographed (not scanned) illustrations to your fairy tale in JPEG or PNG format IN GOOD QUALITY (not blurry, without shadows, without filters, and foreign objects in the photo).

    Our advice:

    Photograph illustrations in soft daylight (best by a window), at an angle of exactly 90 degrees, paying attention that shadows do not fall on the illustration (by hand, phone or camera).
    You don't have to send all the illustrations, send the ones you like the most. The maximum number of illustrations is 10. The minimum is 5.

    For example, you can attach only such illustrations:

    illustration of a Character, illustration of the details of his luggage, illustration of a magic item, illustration of a new location, illustration of a landscape.

    To compose a fairy tale and convey the mood, there will be enough small illustrations that will tell the reader how the Character, place or his things look like.
    Illustrations must be signed in the following format:

    Name and surname (in the language in which you ran the marathon)_Name of the day from the marathon to which the illustration corresponds.

    Examples of signatures according to days:

    1. Alexandra Dikaia_Meet the Character
    2. Alexandra Dikaia_Simple day
    3. Alexandra Dikaia_Magic item
    4. Alexandra Dikaia_The call
    5. Alexandra Dikaia_The way
    6. Alexandra Dikaia_New location
    7. Alexandra Dikaia_Challenge
    8. Alexandra Dikaia_Magic item reveals its properties
    9. Alexandra Dikaia_Overcoming difficulty
    10. Alexandra Dikaia_Happy end
    11. Alexandra Dikaia_Cover
    To sign your illustrations, you only need to change the First Name and Last Name. Add cover if you want :)

    • When applying, carefully indicate your email address, Instagram nickname, and full name. This is necessary in order to contact you and correctly show you as the author.
    • After the publication of the collection "The Kind Collection of Fairy tales" on the site, we ask you to tell about it on your Instagram account.

    We really want to share our creativity and work with you with the World!

    Friendly advices from our team:
    • Consider carefully your willingness to share your story with the world. If your story is very personal or touches on complex personal events, perhaps even tragic ones, please consider how comfortable you would be in sharing it with the world.
    • If you really want to, but you are afraid to try, if you consider yourself unworthy of attention, please send us your fairy tale! Your story is unique, your creativity is needed! Throw criticism away!

    • Take your time, proofread the text, and think about what illustrations you would like to send.

    • Fill out the form carefully :)
    Thank you! We look forward to your stories!

    Alexandra Dikaia's team